June 13, 2024

The Youth Party (YP) has been officially acknowledged as a registered political party by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), increasing the total number of registered parties in the country to 19.

According to a statement from Festus Okoye, the national commissioner and chairman of the Information and Voter Education Committee, INEC’s decision was in compliance with a Supreme Court ruling. During a meeting held in Abuja on Thursday, the commission discussed various matters, including the Supreme Court’s judgment regarding the deregistration of the YP as a political party.

Mr. Okoye explained that the Youth Party was initially registered on August 16, 2018, as per a judgment from the Federal High Court on October 16, 2017. However, INEC had attempted to deregister the YP alongside other parties in accordance with the 1999 Constitution.

Following an appeal by INEC, the Court of Appeal nullified the Federal High Court’s order, and upon further appeal by the YP, the Supreme Court ruled against the party’s deregistration.

After the Supreme Court’s judgment, INEC engaged with Youth Party officials to establish the guidelines for their operations in accordance with the Constitution, the Electoral Act 2022, and the commission’s regulations and guidelines.

As a result, the Youth Party has now been recognized as the 19th political party in Nigeria, granting them all the rights and privileges accorded to political parties in the country.

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