June 19, 2024
Pastor William Kumuyi

Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, believes that Nigeria can overcome its current economic challenges with the right intentions and effective actions. He emphasized that despite the increasing prices of petrol and food, Nigerians should not lose hope and urged the youth to be proactive.

Addressing a news conference in Ogbomoso to kickstart the Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK), Pastor Kumuyi highlighted that throughout history, nations and communities facing severe economic crises have recovered through the efforts of individuals with the determination to bring about positive change.

He stressed the importance of having a clear purpose and implementing great ideas to alleviate people’s suffering. Pastor Kumuyi encouraged Nigerians to pray, plan, and actively pursue their endeavors, assuring them of greater possibilities for making a difference in the country.

To the youth, he urged them not to be intimidated by the current economic challenges but to wake up and pursue their goals with determination and diligence. He emphasized that despite the economic difficulties, they should not be discouraged, and with faith in God, they can make a positive impact.

Explaining the reason for holding the global crusade in Ogbomoso, Pastor Kumuyi stated that it was driven by his passion and determination to positively impact people’s lives. Ogbomoso served as the platform to reach out to over 180 countries covered by the GCK.

He called on the people of Ogbomoso, especially the youth, to actively participate in the crusade and be part of the positive change it aims to bring about.

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