June 13, 2024

The federal government has established a 27-member committee to promptly commence the work on the 2019-2023 National Youth Policy. According to Mohammed Manga, the spokesperson for the Federal Ministry of Sports and Youth Development, this inauguration aligns with the designated timeline for the policy’s review.

During the committee’s inauguration, Ismaila Abubakar, the ministry’s permanent secretary, explained that the primary objective was to develop a comprehensive Policy Document that would serve as a guiding framework for the development of the country’s young population.

Mr. Abubakar emphasized the significance of the National Youth Policy, describing it as the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development’s handbook for youth development. He stated that it represents the Nigerian government’s commitment to practically support its youth.

The current edition of the National Youth Policy (2019-2023) is in its final phase, as it mandates a periodic review every five years. Hence, the need to commence the review process.

Mr. Abubakar highlighted some of the achievements of the 2019-2023 edition, which included increased youth inclusion, participation, and access to information, enabling them to be aware of their rights.

The ministry collaborated with civil society organizations, the private sector, and international agencies to disseminate the policy’s guidelines and organized various programs and projects across the six geo-political zones, aligning with the government’s policy objectives.

Due to the dynamic nature of human activities, the permanent secretary emphasized the need for a review to achieve better results. He also pointed out that there have been notable changes in the perception and actions of Nigerian youth, particularly with the impact of information communication technology.

One of the issues in the current policy edition was the age range of youth (15-29), which sparked debate and controversy as it did not fully represent the reality of Nigerian and African youth ages.

The government, acknowledging these factors, approved the initiation of the review process and formed the committee, which has been given until February 2024 to complete its task. The committee’s responsibilities include overseeing the entire review process of the National Youth Policy 2024-2027 and ensuring that the final policy document incorporates youth concerns from each geo-political zone. The ultimate goal is to produce a comprehensive policy document that the government can implement effectively.

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