June 13, 2024


Resident Bola Tinubu has urged Nigerian youths to show understanding and patience in the face of the hardships resulting from his economic and monetary policies. He believes that these difficulties will eventually pave the way for a more prosperous, fair, and inclusive economy.

During a meeting with the All Progressives Congress national youth leaders from all states and the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, Mr. Tinubu assured the youths that his administration would actively involve them in governance and decision-making processes. He pledged that no decision would be considered too challenging if it ultimately contributes to the nation’s prosperity and unity.

“I want to pledge to the country that this administration will not shy away from making tough decisions for the sake of the nation’s prosperity and unity. Economic reforms may take time, and I ask you to be patient a little while longer,” Mr. Tinubu emphasized. “I understand the difficulties you are facing. It is not an easy task to eliminate a 40-year-old problem like fuel subsidy.”

Furthermore, Mr. Tinubu stressed that his administration would take all necessary measures to create more opportunities for women and youths. Among the steps taken, he mentioned plans to collaborate with lending institutions to provide micro-loans at very low-interest rates to support economic activities among the citizens.

During the meeting, the APC national youth leader, Abdullahi Israel, congratulated the president on the party’s victory in the 2023 polls. He assured Mr. Tinubu of their unwavering support and requested inclusion in appointments to the dissolved boards and agencies of the government.

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