June 13, 2024

Yakubu Mahmood

INEC, the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria, has taken steps to address concerns and criticisms regarding the 2023 general elections. Mahmood Yakubu, the INEC Chairman, assured that the commission has nothing to hide and is eager to engage with media stakeholders and the public to review and enhance the electoral process.

Despite the challenges encountered during the elections, the chairman emphasized that there were numerous positive outcomes from the 2023 elections. INEC remains committed to continuously improving the conduct of elections nationwide. As part of the review process, the commission has invited media executives who covered the elections at various levels, including state, local government, and community levels, to share their perspectives and interact with Nigerians in their local languages.

Mr. Yakubu stressed that INEC is careful not to discuss issues currently under litigation in various elections tribunals across the country. The primary aim of the review is to learn from past elections and strengthen the electoral process for future ones.

Furthermore, the chairman mentioned the possibility of seeking an amendment to the law from the National Assembly to accommodate Nigerians who couldn’t vote due to their job requirements. Currently, the law mandates voters to cast their ballots in the polling units where they are registered, which can be challenging for individuals who are not present in their registered locations on election day.

In conclusion, INEC’s response demonstrates its commitment to address concerns, maintain transparency, and strive for the improvement of Nigeria’s electoral system to ensure more inclusive and effective future elections.

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