June 13, 2024

Hello Mohammed, President Bola Tinubu’s ministerial nominee from Sokoto, explained on Monday that he submitted only his O’ level certificate with two credits along with his CV to the Senate screening committee. He made this decision to avoid burdening the lawmakers with his other certificates.

When questioned about how he gained admission into a university with just two credits out of five subjects in his secondary school certificate, Mr. Mohammed clarified that he has other secondary school results in which he passed all subjects. However, he chose not to include these additional certificates in his CV since the focus was on his secondary school certificate, which he believes fulfills the constitutional qualification for standing in elections, including the presidential election.

Pressed further on why he attached a certificate in which he failed to his CV before the Senate, Mr. Mohammed explained that he has since passed another examination but did not want to include it in the submission.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Mohammed did not provide evidence of another secondary school certificate with credit in five subjects, which is typically the minimum requirement for admission into a higher institution in Nigeria.

If cleared by the Senate, Mr. Mohammed will become a minister in Mr. Tinubu’s government.

In a separate report, it was disclosed that according to documents released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mr. Tinubu stated that he did not attend primary and secondary schools. He claimed to possess degrees from two American universities, which he alleged were stolen by unknown soldiers during the military junta of the 1990s.

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