June 13, 2024

The Nigerian Senate is presently in a closed-door executive session, where Senate President Godswill Akpabio’s appeal to support President Bola Tinubu’s decisions on Niger Republic has been met with resistance. According to an insider, the senators are against the deployment of soldiers and the power supply cut-off that the Nigerian government has already imposed on Niger Republic.

Previously, SaharaReporters had reported that the Senate agreed to hold an extensive debate on Tinubu’s request, as he serves as the chairman of ECOWAS and the Nigerian President. Tinubu had written a letter to Nigeria’s National Assembly, notifying them about the possibility of ECOWAS taking military action against the military leaders and coup plotters in Niger Republic. He also listed other sanctions against the military officers involved in the recent coup.

During the closed-door session, a top source revealed that the majority of senators were against using military force and the power supply cut-off in Niger Republic. Senate President Akpabio tried to persuade them to endorse President Tinubu’s actions so far, but his appeal was strongly rejected by the senators. Tinubu’s official letter outlined various actions to address the political situation in Niger Republic, but the senators were not in favor of these measures. Deliberations in the closed-door session are ongoing.

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