June 13, 2024

Niger’s coup leaders have shut down the country’s airspace due to concerns about neighboring countries’ potential military intervention. Flightradar24 confirms no air traffic in Niger. ECOWAS warned of force if President Mohamed Bazoum wasn’t reinstated by a set time. The junta claims Niger’s armed forces are ready to protect the nation. President Bazoum was detained, and Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani declared himself leader. Global condemnation includes France, the EU, UN, and US. The junta alleges a foreign threat. ECOWAS military chiefs developed a force plan after a crisis meeting. The coup leaders resist relinquishing power despite ultimatums. Protests in Niamey support the junta. Burkina Faso and Mali oppose external intervention. Niger holds uranium resources and played a vital role in fighting regional militants under Bazoum.

Niger’s coup leaders closed airspace, fearing neighboring military intervention. ECOWAS demanded President Bazoum’s reinstatement, threatening force. The junta prepared to defend Niger, despite global condemnation. ECOWAS planned intervention, urging junta to reverse course. Neighbors warned against outside interference. Niger’s uranium production and anti-militant efforts under Bazoum are significant.

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