June 13, 2024

Fatai Adams, the state chairman of the PDP, made these remarks during an interview with journalists, addressing the recent departure of party members in Ondo.

In response to the recent defections of party members in Ondo, Fatai Adams, the state chairman of the PDP, assured reporters that there is no need for concern, expressing his belief that those who have left will eventually return.

Mr. Adams, the chairman of PDP in Ondo, while discussing the recent wave of defections of party members to the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), projected that the defectors would ultimately come back. He attributed some defections to individuals searching for political significance or better opportunities, suggesting that they would return when their expectations are not met.

Numerous party leaders and members have switched allegiance from the opposition PDP to the ruling APC over the last few months, citing internal conflicts and political disagreements within the party as the catalyst for their actions.

However, Mr. Adams clarified that the PDP is not troubled by these defections and remains unfazed by the departure of its members and leaders to the APC. He characterized such occurrences as common in politics, particularly after a significant loss like the presidential election. He emphasized that politics involves a continuous ebb and flow of members between parties.

“We have no reason to be overly concerned about these defections. What impact did these defectors have in the previous election? We will make a strong comeback in the state,” Mr. Adams affirmed.

Furthermore, the opposition party has revealed that it has conducted primary elections to select candidates for the upcoming local government elections scheduled for next year in the state.

Mr. Adams affirmed that the opposition party is ready to present candidates for the potential local government areas (LGAs) as soon as the election is scheduled. He noted that the selection of candidates for councillorship and chairmanship positions was carried out through a transparent election process overseen by the Ondo State Independent Electoral Commission (ODIEC).

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