June 13, 2024

Governor Alex Otti of Abia has inaugurated the Abia State Civil Service Reform Committee with a charge to identify and review the anomalies in the state civil service. Speaking on Tuesday during the event at the Government House, Umuahia, Mr Otti urged the committee to discharge its duty credibly to enable the government achieve its goal of building a civil service that would be effecient, dedicated and performance-driven. The governor, represented by the secretary to the state government, Kenneth Kalu, directed the committee to work closely with the office of the head of service to get relevant information for easy execution of their assignment. Mr Otri described the civil service as critical machinery of the governance, adding that the civil service played a vital role in the execution of government’s policies and objectives. He said that the committee was not set up to witchhunt anybody, rather it was meant to assist government in creating a better service that would be beneficial to the people of Abia. Mr Otti said the terms of reference given to the committee include “to review the current civil service structure with a view to improving the efficiency of the civil service, to review the process of appointment, promotion and dismissal and to make appropriate recommendations” and “to review the command promotions done from 2007 to date and to make appropriate recommendations, to recommend how to improve attendance and general discipline in the service.” Mr Otti also asked the committee “to examine how to address the issues concerning pensioners and to undertake every other review with a view to making recommendations on how to improve general efficiency.” The committee chairman, Chibueze Ukaegbu, said the tasks would be performed without fear or favour

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has officially launched the Abia State Civil Service Reform Committee, providing them with the mandate to identify and assess irregularities within the state’s civil service.

Speaking during the event at the Umuahia Government House on Tuesday, Mr. Otti encouraged the committee to execute their responsibilities diligently, aiming to help the government realize its objective of establishing an effective, committed, and performance-oriented civil service.

The governor, represented by Kenneth Kalu, the secretary to the state government, instructed the committee to collaborate closely with the head of the service’s office to access pertinent information, streamlining the execution of their tasks.

Governor Otti characterized the civil service as a pivotal apparatus in governance, emphasizing its essential role in implementing governmental policies and aspirations.

He clarified that the committee’s formation was not intended to target any individuals; rather, its purpose was to support the government in creating an improved service that would ultimately benefit the Abia populace.

Governor Otti delineated the committee’s objectives, which encompass evaluating the existing civil service structure to enhance its efficiency, reviewing procedures related to appointment, advancement, and termination, and providing suitable recommendations. Additionally, the committee is charged with evaluating promotions carried out from 2007 to the present and suggesting improvements, as well as proposing measures to enhance attendance and overall discipline within the service.

Furthermore, Governor Otti tasked the committee with addressing concerns concerning pensioners and conducting a comprehensive review to propose enhancements for overall effectiveness.

Chibueze Ukaegbu, the committee’s chairman, affirmed that the assigned tasks would be carried out impartially and without bias.

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