June 13, 2024

In remarks made on Saturday, Former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo expressed his concern about the prevalent corruption within Nigeria’s electoral system. He appealed to Christians to actively engage in politics with the aim of cleansing the system.

During his speech at the 57th annual convention and 67th anniversary of The Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT), which took place at the Gospel City in Ogunmakin, Ogun State, Obasanjo emphasized that politics need not inherently be tarnished, but it’s the involvement of individuals that often leads to its corruption.

Speaking on the theme, ‘The Roles of the Church in Nation Building at a Time Like This,’ the former president extended his congratulations to the church for successfully hosting the convention. He urged Christians to stand out amidst the world’s corruptive influences, particularly in the realm of politics.

Obasanjo prompted the audience to continually assess their actions in the light of their faith, asking, “What would Christ do if faced with the circumstances I find myself in?” He noted that the current state of the nation is marked by insecurity, hopelessness, poverty, and depression, and underscored the church’s responsibility to act as a transformative force.

Despite being in the world, he highlighted that believers should not be of the world and should counteract the pervasive influence of corruption. He stated, “Corruption’s influence is powerful, but we, as the light of the world, are a city on a hill that cannot be concealed.”

He implored the church to advocate for justice, fairness, and equity in various aspects of the country, including social, political, and economic domains.

Furthermore, he likened the church’s role to salt, noting that just as food loses its flavor without salt, the church is meant to add positive essence to its surroundings. He emphasized that the task of nation-building is an ongoing journey rather than a destination, urging believers to consistently exemplify themselves wherever they are.

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