June 19, 2024

A group of residents from Bauchi and Gombe have emphasized the importance of effective monitoring and oversight of ministers to ensure their optimal performance and to enhance good governance.

In response to President Bola Tinubu’s allocation of portfolios to the ministers, a variety of residents expressed their views on the matter. The allocation of portfolios to the 47 ministers was carried out by Mr. Tinubu on Wednesday.

The residents expressed their approval of this development and believed that the ministers had been strategically placed to facilitate efficient service delivery and improve the quality of governance.

Williams Attah and Sanusi Hamza emphasized the necessity for thorough supervision and monitoring to guarantee that the ministers carry out their duties in a manner that benefits the Nigerian populace.

Mr. Attah urged the newly assigned ministers to fulfill their roles and prove themselves worthy of the trust placed in them by both the president and the Nigerian people.

Mr. Hamzat highlighted that the challenge in the past has been tolerating subpar performances, which led to underperforming cabinet members retaining their positions for four years; a practice he deemed incorrect.

Bello Tukara, a prominent figure within the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bauchi, praised the appointment of ministers from all 36 states and Abuja, asserting that this approach ensures equitable representation in accordance with Nigeria’s federal system.

Mr. Tukura also commended the appointments of Yusuf Tuggar as the foreign affairs minister and Ali Pate as the coordinating minister of health and social welfare. Both Tuggar and Pate are natives of Bauchi.

Mr. Tukura expressed optimism that these ministers would drive forward the president’s agenda for change. He cited Tuggar’s experience as the former ambassador to Germany and Pate’s background as a physician and former minister as indicators of their capability.

Sule Abdulaziz, another resident, applauded the allocation of portfolios to ministers from the North-East region for key ministries. He praised President Tinubu’s approach to ministerial appointments, noting that the North-East region received portfolios in ministries like agriculture and food security, education, interior, foreign affairs, health and social welfare, police affairs, and steel development.

Mr. Abdulaziz urged the appointed ministers to display unwavering commitment, dedication, and professionalism as they carry out their responsibilities.

Najib Sani, a journalist, commended the distribution of ministers to various ministries, particularly highlighting the selection of professionals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Mr. Sani expressed satisfaction with the portfolio assignments for the ministers of information and health, viewing them as beneficial moves that align with the president’s positive intentions for the country.

However, he expressed dissatisfaction with the appointments to the defense ministry, asserting that such a position requires individuals with expertise in the security sector due to the prevailing security challenges in the country.

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