June 13, 2024

Nigerian internet users have derisively dubbed former Governor Nasir El-Rufai as the “reggae minister” after he posted enigmatic reflections on betrayal, accompanied by lyrics from a Bob Marley song, in response to his recent political setbacks. The incident occurred after Mr. El-Rufai was compelled to withdraw his bid for a ministerial position due to contentious attacks from Nuhu Ribadu and the perceived betrayal from Governor Uba Sani, his political protege and successor. Although Mr. El-Rufai refrained from confirming whether his cryptic post was aimed at Governor Sani, online users have lampooned him on various social media platforms, associating his message with his unsuccessful pursuit of the ministerial role.

Senator Shehu Sani, a political adversary of Mr. El-Rufai, quipped, “I’ve transformed him into a Rastafarian and a reggae artist… yeah, man.”

Esabgbedo Iluobe, a Facebook user, remarked, “Nasir El-Rufai is now a discarded stone. He is experiencing what he subjected others to in the past. My goodness, Mallam, you are now the minister of reggae tunes.”

A user with the handle @M77 commented, “Greetings, Rasta El Rufai!! Hypocrite!!”

Another internet user, @trinityubiego, humorously referred to him as “El Reggae Rufai.”

On Facebook, Gabby Gabito facetiously stated, “Minister of Reggae Artists and Rastafarians.”

A user with the handle @Kuwait_magix mentioned, “Tinubu played you off to Egypt, and now you’re playing Bob Marley for us just to console yourself. Valuable lessons have been learned,” the commentator added.

In a light-hearted vein, @Drelmoariku quipped, “So, now that Tinubu declined to nominate you as a minister, you’ve embraced the role of a reggae dancer. I suggest a collaboration with @burnaboy.”

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