June 13, 2024

Deputy Governor Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo has appealed to legal professionals in Nigeria to safeguard the reputation of the judiciary.

He further stated, “We must confront the harsh reality. The integrity of our vocation is gradually diminishing, and therefore, we need to put in significant efforts to restore the standing of the legal field.”

Mr. Ewhrudjakpo made this plea during a visit by a combined delegation from the Sagbama and Yenagoa branches of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the leadership of the Young Lawyers Forum, Sagbama chapter, in Yenagoa.

Mr. Ewhrudjakpo expressed criticism towards lawyers who encourage their clients to disregard court rulings and decisions.

“The judicial system is currently being tested in our nation. As a result, those who hold a genuine affection for this profession must undertake all possible measures to rehabilitate its reputation as a source of optimism for the ordinary citizen and as a guardian of legal principles,” he emphasized.

In addition, when addressing the Young Lawyers Forum led by Peres Agari, the deputy governor encouraged young lawyers to be diligent and prioritize innovation and astuteness as their guiding principles in achieving success within the legal field.

“In my formative years, lawyers refrained from discussing cases that were sub judice (pending in court). However, nowadays, we openly debate the strengths and weaknesses of a case on television and in newspapers,” expressed Mr. Ewhrudjakpo. “For a lawyer to appear on TV and hold a press conference about ongoing cases, while justifying why a particular branch of government is not adhering to a court order; in my view, this goes beyond acceptable limits.”

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