June 13, 2024

Indigenous individuals from Imo State, currently residing in Australia, have officially given their endorsement to Senator Athan Achonu, the Labour Party candidate, for the upcoming November gubernatorial election in the state.

This endorsement comes just under 48 hours after Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, made a declaration during the launch of Achonu’s campaign, issuing an ultimatum for Governor Hope Uzodinma to vacate his position.

The Imo Technocratic Elite, a diaspora group located in Australia, released a statement in which they expressed their decision to support the Labour Party candidate. They explained that this decision was reached after a thorough review of the track records and qualifications of all the candidates vying for the governorship role.

The statement, co-signed by Professor Samson Ibekwe and Dr. Jude Nnabuikem, the group’s Chairman and Secretary respectively, highlighted the dire state of affairs in Imo State. They stated that the state is currently in a critical condition and urgently needs revival to prevent complete devastation.

The group emphasized Senator Achonu’s qualities, including his proven track record and experience during his time in the Senate. They believe that he possesses the capability, global exposure, and competence needed to lead Imo State towards a future characterized by peace, stability, and prosperity.

Drawing a parallel with the positive transformation occurring in the neighboring Labour Party-controlled state of Abia, the Imo Technocratic Elite voiced their conviction that Imo State would similarly progress under the Labour Party’s leadership.

Expressing deep concern about the prevailing security crisis in Imo State, the group likened the region to a war zone and a site of mass slaughter. They deplored the fact that the state’s own inhabitants have been reduced to refugees within their own land due to the ongoing senseless violence and bloodshed in various communities.

The group lamented that numerous communities have been abandoned, with residents seeking refuge in the state capital and neighboring states.

According to the Imo Technocratic Elite, the situation deteriorated significantly following the judicial removal of the democratically elected Governor of the state in 2020. Since that time, Imo State has been plagued by conflict and unrest, with bloodshed becoming a grim regularity in both urban streets and rural villages. Despite a governing authority in place, responsibility for these issues remains unclaimed, allowing non-state actors to seize control and inflict pain and suffering upon the populace.

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