June 13, 2024

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has committed to collaborating with China in order to establish a global order that embodies greater equality, fairness, and justice.

Ramaphosa emphasized that South Africa and other nations in the Global South aspire to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with China to collectively address challenges and foster a more balanced, fair, and just international order.

Furthermore, Ramaphosa highlighted South Africa’s preparedness to collaborate with other BRICS countries in upholding multilateralism and promoting reform within the global governance system to protect the shared interests of developing nations.

Several African countries seem to be leaning towards Russo-Chinese diplomacy and alliances, aiming to reduce their reliance on the Anglo-American superpower and its Western allies.

Ramaphosa also expressed eagerness to co-host the China-Africa Leaders’ Dialogue with President Xi Jinping to elevate Africa-China relations to new levels.

He acknowledged that the world is grappling with geopolitical complexities and energy crises, commending China’s support in ensuring the success of the BRICS Summit.

This visit marked President Xi Jinping’s fourth trip to South Africa during his time as the Chinese president.

The ongoing 15th annual BRICS Summit, which began on Tuesday and is set to conclude on Thursday in Pretoria, South Africa, saw Xi and Ramaphosa signing a “strategic partnership” agreement.

Ramaphosa bestowed the Order of South Africa, the country’s highest medal and honor for heads of state from friendly nations, upon President Xi.

The summit also witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents related to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. These documents encompassed topics such as infrastructure development, new energy, agricultural products, special economic zones, industrial parks, the blue economy, technological innovation, and higher education, all signed by the two leaders.

The summit, attended by the heads of state and government from various member states and invited leaders from 67 countries, including 53 African nations, is an international conference in the realm of international relations. The event also included representation from Bangladesh, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Iran.

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