June 13, 2024

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has emphasized the need for the unified support of the people to revitalize the state’s former prestige. Otti made these remarks during the observance of the 32nd Abia Day celebration held at the International Conference Centre in Umuahia, the capital of the state.

At the same event, the governor introduced the Abia State Orientation Agency (ABSOA) and designated Mr. Dike Nwankwo as the inaugural director-general.

Governor Otti highlighted that the state’s prosperous history had been marred by previous administrations, asserting that Abia is now undergoing a process of rejuvenation.

He remarked, “Abia is a remarkable state, rich in both natural resources and human potential. Nearly every community within the state holds immense potential that, if effectively tapped, could yield significant economic benefits for our citizens. From exceptional agricultural products to valuable mineral deposits, as well as cultural artifacts and narratives worth hearing, our land once symbolized hope and pointed towards a promising future for a revitalized Igbo community.”

“However,” he continued, “the promise of those good times was squandered by successive administrations, plunging the state into despondency. We witnessed the decay of our educational institutions into hotbeds of undesirable influences on our children. Impunity became pervasive, and in no time, esteemed role models vanished, replaced by a culture of self-serving actions.”

Governor Otti remained optimistic, asserting that the current situation marks a turning point for Abia. He pointed out the progress made in the short time since his assumption of office, noting that the state has already begun to show signs of advancement. He concluded by appealing for the united effort of the people, expressing his confidence that the destination of a renewed Abia can be reached with their combined support.

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