June 13, 2024

The Police Commissioner of Abia State, Mr Kenechukwu Onwuemelie, expressed regret for the unprofessional behavior exhibited by officers of the command who apprehended a guest during a live program on ABN TV in Umuahia. The apology was conveyed by ASP Maureen Chinaka, the spokesperson for the state police command, in a statement to the press. The commissioner visited the studio on Thursday to personally apologize for the incident.

Earlier, it was reported by SaharaReporters that police personnel had forcibly arrested a guest, Mr Udensi Donald, during a live program on ABN TV, damaging the station’s equipment in the process. The invasion, which occurred on Tuesday, prompted criticism and condemnation. A video of the incident showed plainclothes policemen shouting in the studio.

In response to the incident, the Police Commissioner acknowledged the unprofessional conduct of the arresting officers during a visit to the studio. ASP Maureen Chinaka, in the statement, mentioned that the commissioner recognized the need for an apology. Preliminary investigations revealed that the officers acted unprofessionally, as the circumstances did not warrant such actions, despite there being no law prohibiting police arrests in a studio. The officers involved are subject to an orderly room trial, which began on Thursday, and if found guilty, they will face disciplinary measures.

The Director of ABN TV/Radio, Ifeanyi Okali, had earlier condemned the invasion and the destruction of studio equipment, considering it a provocation against press freedom and human rights. The statement by the police spokesperson emphasized the commitment to addressing the unprofessional conduct of the officers involved.

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