June 13, 2024

Governor Alex Otti has relaunched its Abia State Social Identification Number (ABSSIN) to enhance citizens’ economic planning and tackle multiple taxation. The commissioner for information and culture, Okey Kanu, made this known during a news conference at the Government House, Umuahia. He said the initiative, aimed at improving the welfare of the people, would take effect from March 2. Mr Kanu also said ABSSIN would enhance the government’s effort to enhance social protection and uphold the principle of inclusion in governance. “The government is taking this issue very seriously. This government has been very intentional in its plans, very strategic in execution of its plans and very determined to enhance living standards of the citizens,” he said. Also, the Abia State Internal Revenue Services (ABIRS) chairman, Udochukwu Ogbonna, said every resident was expected to have the number. Mr Ogbonna said one could obtain ABSSIN by registering online, using the ‘Abiapay online’, ABIRS office in the 17 LGAs and ministries. “When you are paying your tax, you are supposed to quote this number. What that means is that every transaction you are doing in the state will come under one account, that is to say that, ABSSN is the account number of every citizen in Abia state. “ABSSIN is not only for tax payment. It will help you to have access to certain benefits that are coming from the government, which include scholarships,” he said. Also, the commissioner for budget and planning, Kingsley Anosike, said that ABSSIN would serve as the source of data for economic planning and accessing social benefits from the government. “Once you register, all your information situated in that platform becomes easier to reach you, whether it is for an emergency, whatever it is,” Mr Anosike said. The special adviser to the governor on internally generated revenue, Chimeremeze Okigbo, said the government wants to be intentional about economic

Governor Alex Otti has initiated the reactivation of the Abia State Social Identification Number (ABSSIN) to bolster citizens’ economic planning efforts and address issues of multiple taxation.

The announcement was made by the Commissioner for Information and Culture, Okey Kanu, during a press briefing at the Government House, Umuahia. Kanu emphasized that the program, set to commence from March 2, aims to enhance the well-being of the populace.

Kanu further highlighted that ABSSIN would reinforce the government’s commitment to improving social protection and fostering inclusive governance.

“We are approaching this matter with utmost seriousness. Our government is deliberate in its strategies and resolute in its mission to uplift the living standards of our people,” stated Kanu.

Udochukwu Ogbonna, Chairman of the Abia State Internal Revenue Services (ABIRS), stressed that every resident is required to obtain the ABSSIN. He outlined the avenues for registration, including online registration through ‘Abiapay online,’ ABIRS offices in the 17 LGAs, and ministries.

“When fulfilling tax obligations, individuals must provide their ABSSIN. Essentially, every transaction within the state will be linked to one account, indicating that ABSSIN functions as the citizens’ account number,” Ogbonna explained. He also noted that ABSSIN extends beyond tax payments and facilitates access to government benefits like scholarships.

Kingsley Anosike, Commissioner for Budget and Planning, highlighted the pivotal role of ABSSIN in data sourcing for economic planning and accessing social benefits.

“Upon registration, all pertinent information will be readily available, ensuring swift response in emergencies and other situations,” Anosike added.

Chimeremeze Okigbo, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Internally Generated Revenue, underscored the government’s commitment to purposeful economic planning.

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