June 13, 2024

During a visit to Otti’s country residence in Nvosi, Isialangwa South Local Government Area, the former President urged fellow state governors to follow Otti’s lead in reducing the cost of governance. He commended Otti for putting an end to pensions for former governors and deputy governors, labeling the previous scheme as unjust. The former President expressed hope that Otti’s initiative would inspire other governors to take similar actions. Despite acknowledging potential challenges and criticism, he encouraged Otti to persist in his efforts, emphasizing the positive impact such reforms could have on the country. Additionally, the former President praised Otti’s developmental achievements, urging him to prioritize infrastructure development, considering the industrious nature of the people of Abia State.

In response, Otti expressed gratitude for the former President’s support and reiterated his commitment to infrastructure development. He emphasized the importance of infrastructure, particularly power, for economic growth and thanked the former President for backing the repeal of the pension law. Otti affirmed his belief in responsible leadership, highlighting the need to serve the people without exploiting them. Furthermore, he acknowledged the passage of a bill by the Abia State House of Assembly to repeal the pension law for former governors and deputy governors, sponsored by the Majority Leader, Okoro Uchenna Kalu.

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